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Return of Previous Champions at Challenge Weymouth 2015

Thursday, 30 July, 2015 - 17:06

We are excited to announce that previous champions Yvette Grice and Stephen Bayliss are returning to compete in Challenge Weymouth this year!

Yvette Grice has already had a successful 2015 coming 6th at the elusive Challenge Roth and runner up at the Eastbourne half marathon. As a previous winner of Challenge UK in Henley 2011 Yvette states that she is looking forward to competing in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere with the support of all the locals!

Competing for his 5th year in a row at a Challenge UK Event, Stephen Bayliss has said that he is doesn’t want to miss out on Challenge Weymouth 2015. Having 4 iron distance victories under his belt this previous champion is definitely one to watch! After a difficult year including some illness, Stephen has said that he is feeling good and will be in great shape for Weymouth in September.

If you want to race alongside world class athletes, don’t hesitate, click here to enter now!

Inspirational Story - Steve Jarvis

Thursday, 30 July, 2015 - 16:59

Introducing Steve Jarvis


Having had multiple health problems, overcoming 8 years of illness and receiving a kidney transplant from his mother, Steve Jarvis is an inspiration to us all.


After recovering and adapting to life with a new kidney he began sprinting, with determination and a new lease on life Steve set out with a goal to get a medal at The World Transplant Games in Thailand in 2007. His passion to succeed resulted in a very impressive 4 gold medals! 4 years later in Sweden he set out to improve his medal tally and prove that he’s still at the top of his game, achieving an outstanding 3 world records and bringing home 5 gold medals!

Raising awareness for Organ Transplants is something that is very important to Steve and when a friend mentioned iron-distance challenges to him he thought it was something ‘ridiculously hard’ for him to do, so he’s doing it!

The adaption from sprinting to long distance training has been very challenging as his body takes longer to filter out the byproducts of training. Steve also learnt to swim in July last year and has gone from struggling to swim 25m to conquering his fear of open water swimming! He now regularly swims in the seas of Cornwall, sometimes accompanied by some rather friendly seals! Fitting in 3 sessions of each discipline a week, the Cornish hills take no prisoners with very few flat stretches, these difficult training surroundings put him in great stead for the undulating Weymouth course.

Training for The Weymouth Half Triathlon alongside family life and his own business has been tough however he will be on the start line September 13th in Weymouth Bay ready to embark on the elusive Challenge Weymouth course. After crossing the line he will not only have achieved something inspirational, he will also receive a medal to add to his already impressive collection!

Stephen is racing at Weymouth Half for the Transplant Sport UK charity to raise funds for organ donation awareness. The charity helps children who have had organ transplants, giving them the chance to participate in sports and social events at the British Transplant Games which are put on specially for children aged between 5-16 who have difficult conditions. It gives them the time and opportunity to socialize and make friends with children who have similar conditions. The volunteers at the charity are amazing people who give up their own time to help the children. If you would like to find out more about the charity, click here


Celebrating 15 years of The Terry Wootton Roade Triathlon!

Thursday, 23 July, 2015 - 12:35

When Just Racing (UK) was formed in 2001 the main goal was to put on events that we would want to take part in ourself, and The Terry Wootton Roade Triathlon is no exception! Based at Elizabeth Woodville School in Northamptonshire this triathlon is always a popular event for novices, or alternatively a great opportunity for more experienced athletes to end their season in style!


As it is the 15th year we have put together a few fun facts about Roade Triathlon:

  • Since the event started in 2001 over 5976 people have competed.

  • The total number of lengths swam over the last 15 years equates to 1,537 miles

  • The amount of miles cycled at Roade Triathlon is equivalent of riding the Tour de France nearly 34 times

  • The number of miles ran at Roade amounts to running the equivalent of 1018 marathons!

  • In 2006 Holly Avill participated in Road Triathlon and the following year was selected to participate in the 2008 Beijing Olympics! She is also the youngest ever athlete to take a podium place in successive debut World Cup Races

  • Yvette Grice competed in Roade in 2007, since her race she has gone onto achieve huge things! Winning Ironman UK in 2010 and conquering Challenge Henley in 2011, Yvette is an inspiration

  • The legend Tim Don took part in Roade in 2011 and still holds the course record with a  mind-boggling 49.30! A regular competitor in elite races he now takes part in middle distance races. Having taken part in the Olympics and winning the London Triathlon in 2007, we feel privileged to have had him at one of our events!

If you want to take part in this fantastic triathlon please enter here


Kimbolton Triathlon Summary - Another Great Year!

Thursday, 23 July, 2015 - 12:29

After another successful triathlon at Kimbolton School at the weekend we hope that have all recovered! 

The Kids Triathlon was a fantastic day with children of all ages competing in the beautiful school grounds of Kimbolton School. With some familiar faces and some triathlon first-timers it was great to see smiles all round! From Tristart to Youth each category contained kids that were full of enthusiasm with some ones to watch in the future! We hope that all the participants thoroughly enjoyed themselves and have caught the triathlon bug!

Kimbolton Adults escaped the early morning rain just in time with the sun coming out just as the athletes started. A last minute change to the bike course proved very fast with the fasted split coming from Stu Wright with a very impressive 34.17!! The overall male winner coming in just under the hour was Andy Fairley, with a fast swim start he managed to hold onto the lead to come in first. Georgina Schwiening came in first for the ladies with an equally fast time of 1:02:09, challenging many of the male athletes she came in 7th overall, go girl!

Photography for both races is available to view and buy from Adrian Howes, a lovely way to remember the day!

Office Triathlon Experience

Friday, 17 July, 2015 - 12:19

Here at the Just Racing Office we love doing races almost as much as we like organising them!

Between the 8 of us we have racked up:

2 Super sprints, 52 Sprint, 22 Standard, 16 Half and 12 Long distance races.

We didn’t always win, we didn’t always enjoy them & some we didn’t finish, but we do know there is always another day & another race!

We prefer the swim & bike & only 1 of us looks forward to the run!

We don’t consider ourselves experts but we’ve learnt a thing or two along the way - here are our top tips for a successful race:


  • Training IS important, make time for it & you will see results

  • Nutrition is also important, eat & drink well before & during your race

  • We prefer 2 piece tri-suits - much easier for toilet stops

  • White tri-suits may be slightly impractical (just trust us on this one)

  • For anything over standard distance change your socks from bike to run, they will feel good & make all the difference to your run

  • Elastic laces in trainers make life so much easier in transition & save loads of time

  • You DO NOT need a gel every 20 minutes - whatever the packet says in our experience over consumption of gels always ends badly

  • If it’s hot IT IS worth taking the time to apply sunscreen

  • SMILE! You paid for it. you trained for it, you may as well enjoy it

  • ALWAYS be friendly to volunteers & thank them. Without them the races wouldn’t happen!


Things we wish we’d known before our first race:

Not everyone taking part will look like a pro athlete! Triathletes are friendly & come in all shapes & sizes. We LOVE to talk about triathlon so talk to fellow competitors, swap tips & enjoy each others war stories!

We’ve all failed to get our wetsuits off with cold fingers, tried to put tops on over our bike helmets & forgotten to uncleat our bike shoes as we arrive in transition! Laugh at the mistakes you make & come back stronger next time - & that’s the most important thing. There is always a next time!


Dealing with open water panics when racing

Thursday, 16 July, 2015 - 12:15

For many, one of the most daunting aspects of an open water triathlon is the swim section. No matter how confident you are swimming in a pool, or how many pool-based triathlons you may have completed, making that transition to open water can set off alarms bells for any swimmer. Similarly, at times even the most experienced open water swimmers can get panicked during open water swims. The uncertainty of conditions, lack of visibility, changing temperatures- there are many triggers that can, unexpectedly turn your swim into a disaster session! However, it doesn’t have to be this way!

Swim Coach Adam Gibson has worked with many swimmers and triathletes throughout his coaching career and has come across every swimming anxiety possible. Adam acknowledges that open water swimming panics happen to everyone and anyone at any time. Through his coaching, he has come up with some tried and tested methods to try and help every swimmer overcome open water panics during racing, summarised in his blog below.

Dealing with Open Water Panics During Racing

It can happen to anyone. You feel like you can't swim. You feel like you can't breathe. You feel like you might die. 10 minutes later, sat on the edge of the lake, you feel like an idiot. You shouldn't. It can happen to anyone.

While the swim is the shortest section in triathlon it is often the part that causes people most problems. In this short blog we'll look at what causes open water race panics, what we can do to deal with them and how we can prevent them happening.

3 Things to Remember...

  • It happens too ALL abilities. Don't relate this problem to your swim ability. I've seen more experienced than beginner swimmers have this issue this year!

  • It doesn't mean your race is over. With the correct strategy and coping methods you may only lose a few minutes. Don't write off your race. (They are expensive these days!)

  • The more you practice and prepare for this, the less it will happen.

Picture        Picture

Common Causes...
  • Setting off too fast. Almost ANY pace feels easy for 100-200m when swimming. We've all been there, doing a 400m swim TT, it can feel so easy for the first half, then BOOM, you suddenly realise you were going too fast. Drop yourself in the middle of a busy excited swim start and it’s very easy to set off at an unsustainable pace and not realise.

  • Not acclimatised or exhaling fully. No doubt about it, colder water sets more panics off. Making sure you have got used to the temperature before starting will ensure you are able to exhale fully into the water.

  • Lack of confidence or race nerves. Again, this goes back to needing to be fully relaxed with your breathing, and ensuring you exhale fully.

  • Wetsuit comfort. Some wetsuits have a very high neck line, this can cause swimmers to feel restricted with breathing and set off panic.

  • Choking. Surprisingly probably the least common cause...!

Coping Strategies...

  • Spot the signs early.

  • Slow down your pace (sometimes this can be enough to prevent it).

  • Focus on fully exhaling.

  • Switch to Breaststroke if needed

  • Stop if needed. Remember that in your wetsuit you can float on your back with zero effort, so lay back and relax. Its worth knowing that the rules state you can hang on to a kayak or lake edge so long as you don't make forward progress. So don't assume if a kayak comes to help you they have to take you out the lake. Take your time.

  • Ensure you are fully relaxed and settled before setting off again or before picking up the pace if you didn't stop. Take your time.

  • Don't write off your race. Sometimes these ordeals feel like a lifetime, when in reality they are a matter of seconds or minutes. Keep a positive mind for the rest of the event, it is easy to make up the time on the bike/run. Stay positive.

Training Methods to Prevent Panics...

  • 100m pool reps with 1st length hard. Get used to that feeling of getting short of breath and practice adjusting pace and swimming through it.

  • Bunch pool sprints. Get comfortable swimming in a group to calm nerves. We swim 2 rows of 3 in a standard pool lane in our squad. (see photo below)

  • Breathing drills. Practice breathing every 2,3,4,5,6,7,8 until you can do a length of each comfortably. Try swimming relaxed lengths on 1 or zero breaths. Get comfortable in these situations.

  • Include 'Sink Downs' in your open water warm up. Put your face into the water and practice fully exhaling  until you start to sink down, that is when you know you are fully exhaling. If you are comfortable doing this you should be fine once you start to swim.

  • Practice floating. I see so many experienced swimmers forget that in open water they can take a break and rest with zero effort. On your open water training occasionally practice laying on your back in your wetsuit at zero effort. Remember this is possible next time you panic.

  • Practice varied pace swims in open water. This will get you comfortable being short on breath and recovering while keeping moving.



The above tips should help you reduce your open water panics and teach you how to cope with them should they arise!

Remember... The more you practice and prepare for this, the less it will happen.​

Challenge Weymouth - Swim Coaching

Tuesday, 14 July, 2015 - 13:36

Here at Just Racing we are keen to encourage both newbies & experienced triathletes to take part in our events. We believe we have something to suit every athlete.

It’s not too late to take part this year, for those not ready to take on the challenge of an open water sea swim we have Roade on the 27th of September an established pool based tri perfect for first timers or those looking for a sprint distance PB.

For those looking for a bigger challenge Challenge Weymouth is a great end of season event which can be used to make the transition from pool to open water swimming or try your first middle or long distance event either solo or part of a relay team.

We realise that open water can be intimidating - especially the transition from lake to sea swimming & with this in mind we have teamed up with Kate Mason in Weymouth.

Kate is an ASA Club Coach & an ASA Open Water Coach, she is an experienced triathlete, Ironman & channel swimmer & even took part in Challenge Weymouth last year! So will have plenty of tips & advice.

Based in Weymouth Kate has loads of local knowledge and is available for swim coaching in Weymouth Bay either individually or in small groups.

Kate’s coaching is not just for those new to sea swimming, if you want to improve your open water technique & skills or increase your speed & endurance Kate will be able to help.

You can contact Kate through her website


Inspirational Story

Tuesday, 14 July, 2015 - 10:23

Introducing Richard Evans

Richard is no stranger to a challenge and, as he states himself, is like a moth to a flame when it comes to competing in physical challenges. Richard is a keen everyday utility cyclist and believes it is the most intelligent and fun form of transport man has invented. His passion for the sport led him to become involved in the London Cycling Campaign where he met many like-minded cycling enthusiasts, many of which had ridden the legendary 1,200km Paris-Brest-Paris route. Not one to let a challenge pass him by, Richard soon signed himself up! This event only takes place every four years and next month Richard will be taking part for the fourth time.

In April 2014, Richard embarked on one of his biggest challenges yet- a 30,000km ride world tour on a recumbent bike. His blog, ‘Laid Back Around The World’ is a fascinating tale of his 180 day journey across the deserts, plains and mountains of the globe. This solo effort saw Richard pass through South East Asia, Australia, Canada, USA and back through Europe to raise money for RoadPeace, a national charity providing support for road crash victims. To read more about Richard’s adventures, check out his blog  

His love of sport, challenge and physical endurance has led Richard to sign up to Challenge Weymouth 2015, his first Iron Distance triathlon. After completing the London Marathon Richard, half in jest, said to his mates that Iron distance triathlon would be next; a statement they wouldn’t let him forget! With his love of biking and a sub 3hr marathon under his belt, Richard knew he would be capable of completing two of the three disciplines. However, the swim section of the tri has been Richard’s biggest challenge. A self-proclaimed ‘non swimmer’ Richard see’s the swim as the hardest section of the triathlon. Not one to be defeated, he thrives on the challenge that a 3.9km sea swim has given him!

Training for Challenge Weymouth alongside Paris- Brest-Paris has meant Richard has had to adapt his normal cycling routine to include the swim and run disciplines. As a result, he tries to fit something in everyday, whether that’s cycling or running his 24km commute to work, swimming lessons on Friday evenings and a big run, ride or open water swim at the weekend- there is never a quiet moment for Richard!


Weymouth Beach Camera

Tuesday, 14 July, 2015 - 09:24

Weymouth and Portland Council have installed a number of webcams in certain points along the Esplanade, Town Centre and on the Beach. This is a brilliant tool for all Challenge Weymouth athletes to time their swim training right! The beach cam is situated on the beach office overlooking Weymouth Beach towards the Pavilion and Harbour and broadcasts live images showing the local weather and conditions of the sea. If you are planning on doing a recce of the swim before race day, you can use the beach cam to ensure the conditions are perfect! 

The webcam images can be found on the following website:

Inspirational Story

Wednesday, 8 July, 2015 - 14:02

This weeks inspirational story comes from another Weymouth local, Michelle Gammidge. Michelle is also known as 'The Clean Cook' after setting her up own business supplying clean, nutritious meals to the people of Weymouth. Michelle complete Challenge 2014 as a relay and is back again for 2015, this time on her own!


I'm one of those people who has always loved exercising but still never been in great shape.
Thankfully that all changed when I moved to Weymouth in December 2013 and my lovely new work colleague Sarah McWilliams introduced me to Andy Sloan's 'Ultimate Body Club’ where I discovered 'Clean Eating’ and a new way of life.
It really was revolutionary and in six weeks, through embracing clean eating 100% and doing weight training, I’d drop most of the two stone I needed to and can honestly say that by the end of three months, I had managed to achieve the best shape of my life and had the confidence to enter my first race- the Weymouth 10k in March 2014.

I was addicted and started looking for the next challenge... A few 10ks followed, then the Bustinskin events Aquathon Series, in between a half marathon and then tough mudder... but the biggest challenge for me was deciding to ditch the JOB and set up my own business - ‘The Clean Cook’ supplying 'Clean' meals to the people of Weymouth to help them too experience the health benefits of clean eating and the fab way it makes you feel.

All those years of battling and who knew it- there was a magic weight loss pill after all, just not in the form everyone is continually bombarded with by adverts! I was that girl who passed out on the tennis courts over 20 years ago through NOT eating, trying desperately to be thin and who had spent all those years in between on a ‘DIET’ with my weight going up and down and certainly never being happy. Now I have so much energy, I can enjoy good healthy nutritious food (especially treats) and most importantly be fit, healthy and strong. There have been too many years wasted on diets and I have witnessed so many poor relationships with food from one extreme to the other. If I can help people and take the stress away by providing good home cooked food, free from wheat, dairy, gluten, refined sugar and usually dairy too for breakfast, lunch, dinner and desserts, I can look myself in the mirror every day and know I'm making an important difference and that makes me happy. 

So that is now what I do and I am so grateful to the environment here in Weymouth that has enabled this and how everyone has supported me this last year turning what was an idea into a growing business.

We're so blessed here in Weymouth, it's a hub of social exercise nutters and I love my new home and friends, so much so that when I was given the chance to help the challenge team last year with their accommodation, I jumped at the chance and have made even more fab like-minded friends in the process. Of course we all signed up for the relay, 3 UBC Teams comprising of 9 crazy chicks. We just wanted to be part of it and it didn't disappoint. Us three swimmers loved the conditions and had an advantage as we'd been out with Bustinskin every Wednesday night competing in the Aquathons in all weather's so we were prepared and I’d definitely advise anyone who isn’t used to race conditions or sea swimming to join in with these, Lindsey and Mark and the team are so welcoming and friendly, so it really is a safe environment to come to terms with the inevitable of 13th September, where it may be choppy and there will be a lot of pushing and shoving.

And of course the addiction has continued to grow for me, with more Bustinskin Triathlons, sprints and classics, more half marathons and my big challenge to date... The Rotterdam Marathon in April, encouraged by the lovely Hayley Jelly from The Challenge Team, this being only a year after entering my first 10k!

However now with the help of my fab supportive hubby Jon, training partners Kate, Kate and Claire and my club Bustinskin it's all about getting ready for Challenge in September. With three of the relay having signed up for the half as have loads more of my friends and customers in Weymouth and the rest of the relay contingent either doing another relay or tackling their first ever Iron Man in Canada, you could say entering ‘Challenge’ will most certainly have you gagging for more fitness fun.

It will certainly be one mighty fine day and we can’t wait.