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Be part of the Ironman Weymouth team!

Thursday, 23 June, 2016 - 13:02

Would you like to help make Ironman Weymouth an unforgettable experience?

We are pleased to announce that Just Racing are working with Ironman UK to put on this spectacular event and we need volunteers!

Ironman Weymouth will run in conjunction with Ironman 70.3 on 11th September and will bring
thousands of athletes to the South Coast for an ultimate test of endurance. 

A lot goes into putting on an event like this and it wouldn’t be possible without help from volunteers. There are many ways in which you can be part of this great experience. Volunteers are needed throughout race week, not just on race day, to help with event set-up, registration and more. There are many roles to be fulfilled during the race, including helping out on the swim, transition, bike course, run course and feed stations.

If you would like to help out then please send an email to We will try to accommodate your preferences.

Mark Kleanthous

Roade Triathlon Competition - Our Winner is Announced!

Thursday, 23 June, 2016 - 12:53

Thank you for all your entries into the Roade Triathlon competition, we've had some great stories. Unfortunately there can be only one winner and after much deliberation, we have decided the winner is Mark Kleanthous. Here is his story:

“One Year at the Roade Triathlon I got some of my family members to also compete.
My nephew was a much faster swimmer and quick on the bike and run but I wanted to show him experience also counted. Despite having done hundreds of triathlons I recall practising my transitions in the weeks leading up to the event.

I am pleased to say I was first family member home and number #1 Uncle!!
I tried so hard to beat him I actually had a fast Roade triathlon performance, which is not normally my strength considering I mainly do ironman double and triple ironman events.
I still have the t-shirt and mug from the first event 15 years ago and the t-shirt still fits.”

Mark then went on to say:

“Having competed in more than 480 triathlons I now choose to compete in only the best and well organised multi-sport competitions such as Roade Triathlon.The team at Just racing welcome all ages and abilities at their events. Nothing is ever too much trouble. ”

Well done Mark! You have won yourself a retro Roade T-shirt and a USN goodie bag. However, we would also like to send a USN goodie bag to our two runners up, Charlie Stanton-Stock and Julia Hallam.

Julia Hallam

Roade Triathlon Competition - Julia Hallam's Story

Wednesday, 22 June, 2016 - 20:57

Another entry for the Terry Wootton Roade Triathlon Competition. Julia tells us her experience of taking part in a Just Racing event as a novice.

Unfortunately due to the the event not taking place last year I haven't had the opportunity yet to compete in the Roade triathlon as yet. However I have competed in Kimbolton and Duston, and have always found the just racing events to be so friendly and supportive.

This was especially the case for my first triathlon at Kimbolton when my friend and I both took part in our first tri a few years ago, and found everyone really helpful and supportive calming our pre race nerves, and we both made it to the finish line within a minute of each other to celebrate together.

I'm looking forward to the opportunity to race this year at the Roade triathlon.

Charlie Stanton-Stock

Inspirational Story - Charlie Stanton-Stock Age 15

Monday, 20 June, 2016 - 21:01

As part of our Roade Triathlon competition we have been sent in the following inspiration story from Tabitha Stanton-Stock about her son Charlie.

I have a son aged 15 (Charlie), 2 years ago he was diagnosed with CMT (a degenerative neuromuscular disease affecting strength in his lower arms and legs) - he decided to take up Triathlon to try to get fitter and stronger and has since really enjoyed it, last year he competed in several youth triathlons, of course he usually comes in last by a fair bit but everyone has been really supportive and he is doing fantastically well. As a result, at the end of last year he was invited to train as a para-triathlete with the South Central Academy! One of the bonuses of this is that he now has a really smart GB Tri Suit to compete in.

Charlie was lining up at the first triathlon of the year, his friend was sitting a little way up from him as they were lined up in number order, the guy next to Charlie’s friend murmured "I bet the guy in the GB Tri-Suit wins" - Mael (said friend) just grinned and agreed with him. When Mael later told Charlie of this conversation Charlie immediately turned round and said "you should asked him to bet some money, we could have split the profit!" :) 

Here is a link to an article written by Charlie for a US teen magazine which gives more information on his condition and his triathlon achievements:



Thursday, 16 June, 2016 - 13:58

We want your stories from Roade Triathlon

As part of our celebrations for the 15 year anniversary of Roade Triathlon we would like to hear your interesting or funny stories from taking part in the event. Tell us your experiences and we will add your stories to our website and the best one will receive a retro Roade T-shirt and USN goody bag! The winner will announced next Thursday. Email your stories to

Don’t forget our 15% discount to Terry Wootton Roade ends at midnight tomorrow! Enter the code CELEBRATE15 when you enter.

Roade Triathlon 2014 image

New to Triathlon? Maybe we can help!

Wednesday, 15 June, 2016 - 17:01

Every year more than 100 novice triathletes take part in Terry Wootton Roade Triathlon.

The 414m pool swim, 20k bike and 4.5k run are achievable distances for first timers of all abilities. Also, the fact it is at the end of the triathlon season means you can train throughout the summer, which let’s face it, is much nicer than training during the cold winter months and with the light mornings and evenings you are less restricted on the time of the day you can train and can fit it in around family life. On race day you can be sure that our approachable events team will be at hand to offer friendly advice if required to ease those race day jitters.

If you would like more information on what a triathlon involves and important things such as what equipment you might need to take part in one, then visit our New to triathlon page on our website. Also, everything you need to know about Roade triathlon can be found in the race information on our event page.


15% discount on Roade Adults ends Friday!

Monday, 13 June, 2016 - 22:01

To celebrate 15 years of this well established pool based event we are offering 15% discount on Terry Wootton Roade adults triathlon until midnight on Friday.

To take advantage of the offer, enter using the code CELEBRATE15.

Novices as well as experienced triathletes welcome!

For more information or to enter click here.

Dirt Run image 2014


Thursday, 9 June, 2016 - 14:50

We are pleased to announce that due to popular demand the Wellingborough Dirt Run shall be returning to the Just Racing events calendar in 2017! 

This sometimes challenging, but fun multi-terrain course takes you through the Jurassic landscape of Irchester country park. In previous years we have had heavy rain, heavy snow, cold and hard, muddy and sunny, so the conditions can vary and determine how challenging, i.e. how muddy the course is. Whatever the weather we can guarantee you will enjoy yourself enough to want to come back for round 2! You could even get friends and family involved and run as a team. There are 3 distances to choose from, 5km, 10km or 15km, so it is suitable for all abilities. Online entries will open soon! For more information on this event, click here.

Roade Triathlon 2014 image

Terry Wootton Roade Triathlon facts...

Wednesday, 8 June, 2016 - 22:02

Did you know...

Since 2001 Terry Wootton Roade Triathlon has seen 5976 competitors cross the finish line.

This means that over the years: 

2474km have been swum

119520km have been cycled

26892km have been run

This was one of the first pool sprint triathlons in the region and continues to be a popular event for both the experienced triathlete and the novice taking part in their first triathlon.

In 2016 the event is 15 years old so we are currently offering a 15% discount on entries. Enter before midnight on Friday 17th June to take advantage of this discount!


New to Triathlon? 12 Week Training Plan Aimed at Novices...

Monday, 6 June, 2016 - 11:44

It is less than 16 weeks to go to our last triathlon of the season, Terry Wootton Roade on 25th September! Are you entered or considering entering, but new to triathlon and need some help with your training? Well....

Dr J Performance, a level 3 triathlon coach is offering a 12 week training plan aimed at first time triathletes for just £30.

The plan is delivered through Training Peaks and will build you through your swim, bike and run to completing your first sprint triathlon.
DR J Performance through Training Peaks will send you your day's training via email or via the Training Peaks App.

If you would like to purchase,click here