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Survive 12 - Nick Lindley Solo Entry

Thursday, 18 August, 2016 - 16:13

This shall be the first 12 hour timed race I have done, but I would say I am an experienced endurance runner. I have previously completed 12 plus ultras including a 100 mile in July this year and also a 24 hour run. I have also completed other endurance events including Ironman Bolton, 10k Big Brutal Swim and I am currently training for the Windermere 10.5 mile swim in September.

I really enjoy pushing myself to my very limit and have the feeling of achievement when crossing the finish line, also the race stash is a big incentive.

My tips for those new to endurance running are:

  • Just eat and drink regular and often even if you don't feel like you need to or can.

  • Keep your salt levels topped up.

  • Race at your own pace, ignore all others racing off.

  • Remember why you are doing it and focus on that.

  • Make sure you have fully prepared clothes, equipment, food etc.. maybe look at kit lists online for ideas.

  • Lastly and most importantly, ENJOY YOURSELF!




Survive 12 - Danny Tomblin Team Entry

Thursday, 11 August, 2016 - 15:32

Danny Tomblin is taking part in Survive 12 as a team with his friends Andrew, Jo and Tamsin. This is what Danny had to say:
Have you or any of your team taken part in an event like this before?
None of us have ever taken part in a team event like this, but individually we have all completed a marathon, Ian is a keen cyclist and have I have dabbled in triathlon. I came to endurance running recently culminating in this years London marathon. Jo, is my running " buddy", he has done the London marathon ,the last two years. Tamsin ( Jo's partner ) has recently had a baby "poppy". Andrew is a keen runner and does park runs with his children. Andrew and I have also done a 200 mile cycle ride in a day for a local charity.
What do you think will be most challenging about taking part in this event?
We all think the event will be challenging. We see it as a team event acknowledging that we all need to support each other through our training and the day as with endurance events, for all the highs, there are points when you all need a gee up or a boost. We are all different personalities therefore all bring something to the team. We have different levels of ability, but see this as a strength. We all agree that mixing up training works for endurance running so not just slogging out miles, vary the routine, make it interesting and change the location. We all try and help each other out as our jobs personal and circumstances are so varied.
What do you want to get out of it?
The challenge for all of us is the event is so different as we've all run individually so the team element is unknown, but something we are all excited about is that we all want to enjoy the joy, to involve our friends and family, hopefully individually and as a team and really enjoy the day.

Roade Triathlon - Competition Time!

Wednesday, 10 August, 2016 - 12:30

5 goody bags with a retro Roade t-shirt and USN products up for grabs!

There's only 44 days to go until the 15th Terry Wootton Roade Triathlon! For your chance to win a goody bag all you need to do is like our Facebook page and like and share our Roade competition post or follow us and retweet our tweet on Twitter and you will be added into a prize draw.

Three lucky winners will be picked from Facebook and two from Twitter. These will be announced next Thursday 18th.

Good luck everyone!

Survive 12 - Simon Mayes Pair Entry

Thursday, 4 August, 2016 - 11:59

Simon will be taking part in survive 12 as a pair with Lauren Elmore. Both are experienced runners who recently completed the Conti 24 hour Thunder run, but have never completed such an event as a pair. Simon shares what he is anticipating from Survive 12 and gives some tips on how to survive the 12 hours.

Have either of you taken part in an event like this before?

Sort of! Lauren is very much a long distance bunny (and a very good one at that) and has done several marathons and ultra marathons in the past. I'm less so, but have done one marathon and one kind-of ultra. We were both in a team of 5 at at the Conti 24hr Thunder Run relay race in Derbyshire in July, with our team covering 270km in 24 hours, of which me & Lauren contributed 120km to that total. We haven't however, done a pairs event before.

If yes, can you tell us about your experiences? Why do you take part in these events? Do you have any tips for those that this will be their first endurance event?

These endurance events are very much a mental affair as much as a physical one. We're not sure yet how a 12 hour event as a pair will compare to 24 hours as a five, but one of the biggest challenges I found is managing your adrenaline levels - you go from a big high when you're running a leg, to a crash after you've finished, but then only have just a short amount of time to get over that and get yourself back up again for your next lap. At the TR24 event in July we were averaging around 3 and half hours between each leg, whereas this time as a pair its probably going to be 45 - 60 minutes so that will be a new challenge in itself...!

The mental side of things can be tough, especially with dealing with doing lap after lap of the same course, which, no matter how great the lap is, can become monotonous after a while, but you can also work it to your advantage by taking note of all the corners, lumps and bumps around the course and using it later on to find the quickest way to navigate yourself around the course.

Night running is brilliant! You naturally slow up as the sun comes down as your visibility decreases, but seeing lots of head torches bobbing up and down as they make their way around the course is an interesting (and fantastic) sight. Again, good experience of the course from running multiple laps at this point comes in handy as you can anticipate where all the hazards are and use it to ensure you don't fall foul of them!

Managing your food intake is a challenge. I guesstimated at TR24 that I burned around 5,250 calories during the day so that's a lot of replacement you have to do! But of course you need to make sure you're eating good foods that won't upset you when you're then trying to run soon after.

In a 24 hour event there is also sleep deprivation to contend with as its virtually impossible to get much more than the odd 30 - 45 minute catnap. I'm interested to see how a 12 hour event will compare to that, as you probably will still want to try and get some shut-eye in considered the amount of running you are likely to be doing!

The reason I do these events is because I love the challenge of testing your physical and mental endurance over a specified time period, its a completely different sort of challenge to doing a 10km or half marathon race where the emphasis is all on speed and getting around the course as quickly as possible. There is also generally a great camaraderie between all participants where they do encourage and support each other around a lap and that's an awesome thing to be a part of. And of course getting to the end and realising you've achieved something pretty cool, and something a lot of people won't do, is a nice feeling as well.

Finally, my tips to any newcomers (whether thats solo, pairs or teams) would be the following....

- PACING! Don't run your first lap at gung-ho pace like your life depends on it and its a normal race - you do have quite a few of these to get around in the time frame and you don't want to burn yourself out on your first lap and be running the rest at a much slower pace. If you get to the end of a lap and feel like you could probably carry on at the same pace for another lap you've probably got it spot on.

- Food - Making sure you're taking enough fuel on board, and the right sort of fuel, really is important. Your odd sugary snack/gel etc can be OK, but having proper food is also really important. Make sure its something that can be digested easily as the last thing you want is to be throwing up halfway around a lap because you've tried to eat a burger in between legs.

- Sleep - be well rested before, potentially try and get a short nap in at some point during the event if you feel it worth it, and remember that no-one will (or should...) make you feel guilty if you want to spend most of the next day in bed.

- Kit - be adequately dressed and prepared for the conditions! And have plenty of spare kit that you can keep changing over - having fresh kit for each leg makes you feel much better and less grimy instead of going our lap after lap in the same kit - although don't feel bad for being smelly toward the end as everyone else is too....!

- Enjoy it!


Dirt Run 2017 - Now taking early bird entries

Monday, 1 August, 2016 - 19:51

Entries for the Wellingborough Multi Terrain Dirt Run 2017 are now open!

Early bird entries are available for the next 2 weeks until midnight on Monday 15th August.

For more information on Round 1 click here

For more information on Round 2 click here

Survive 12 logo

USN confirmed as nutrition sponsor for Survive 12

Wednesday, 27 July, 2016 - 22:15

We are pleased to announce that USN are confirmed as our Nutrition sponsor for Survive 12. USN offer a great range of pre, during and post race nutrition that will help keep you going throughout the event. Click here to view their fantastic range of products available. Don't forget you can get 35% off online by using the code JRA2ING.

Dirt Run 2017 - Entries open midday Monday 1st August

Thursday, 21 July, 2016 - 12:22

The Wellingborough Multi Terrain Dirt Runs are back!

In 2017 the events will take place on 22nd January and 5th February.

Set in the stunning Jurassic surroundings of Irchester Country Park and with a choice of 5, 10 or 15k there is a distance to suit every ability.

Click here for more information on this event.
Survive 12 Northants 2016 image

Survive 12 - Full race info now available!

Thursday, 14 July, 2016 - 16:23

Entries are now open for our new 12 hour endurance event - Survive 12!

The full race information has been made available to read on the event page.

Are you ready to Survive 12?

Survive 12 - Entries open at midday Monday!

Thursday, 7 July, 2016 - 20:45

A challenging off-road course designed to test you - we don't think you will enjoy it!

Serious endurance runners might want to enter as a solo or a pair, but those of you looking for a fun, but challenging event to take part in with your mates, why not enter as a team of 3 or 4? Our event village will be the perfect hub to cheer on your teammates, with a heated gazebo, massage facilities available throughout the race and sport nutrition supplied by our sponsor USN. Hot food and drink will also be available from the Quarryman’s Rest Cafe.

With a total of 18 prizes prizes up for grabs and only 100 entry slots available, are you ready to Survive 12?

Entries open at midday on Monday 11th July 2016!

Dirt Run image

Introducing Survive 12 - It’s not easy. It’s not for the faint hearted. It may not be for you!

Thursday, 30 June, 2016 - 12:21

Suffer alert - Suffer alert

Introducing Survive 12 - It’s not easy.  It’s not for the faint hearted.  It may not be for you!

Event Date:  19th November 2016

Our new 12 hour endurance run has been designed to test you - we don’t think you will enjoy it!

Taking place in the stunning Jurassic landscape of Irchester Country Park, the aim is to complete as many 5 mile loops as you can within 12 hours.  Are you brave enough to take part as a solo or as a pair?  If not why not get friends involved and enter a team of 3 or 4?  Each member of the team can run as many or as few laps as they want.

Don’t be fooled!  Although Survive 12 takes place at the same location as our Multi-Terrain Dirt Runs, it will be a different, more challenging course. Be prepared for more mud and more hills! And if that wasn’t enough of a challenge, the event will start at 11am and finish at 11pm, meaning at least half the event will take place after dark.

You’ll be able to cheer on your teammates from our event village, where hot food and drink will be available in a heated marquee to keep you warm between laps. If you finish you will receive a commemorative t-shirt and bespoke medal.  Prizes will also be awarded to the top 3 in every category.

Entries open on 11th July 2016 and with only 100 entry slots available, are you ready to Survive 12? More information to following soon.