Events Team

Take the Triathlon Volunteer Challenge!

Whether we're organising a sprint triathlon, a single-discipline swimming race, a marathon, a gruelling ironman triathlon challenge or one of the UK's best 100km cyclosportives, the Just Racing Event Team is responsible for creating the event - booking and organising the venue; preparing the swim, bike and run courses at each race; delivering the field of play for athletes to compete upon; and giving triathlon beginners and experienced triathletes a great race experience! The events team consists of numerous volunteers from a range of backgrounds who, through a mutual interest in triathlon events, combine to make an effective and enthusiastic team. Each member of the team is important and integral, and every person is a valued and appreciated human cog in the machine that is Just Racing.

The Events Team weekend starts with a lot of behind the scenes pre planning and set up. Setting up for most triathlon events begins the day prior to the race, some 2 days before, so the event village is ready for competitors' arrival and registration, either later that day or on the morning of the event.

Setting up triathlon events involves a wide variety of tasks not always immediately obvious to competitors, whether it be the person who spends two hours filling up a dozen 4 gallon water barrels for feed stations and finish lines; the team that lays out and builds bike racking; the people who move fencing to create the layout of various course sections and compounds; or the people who follow them round fastening JRUK bannering to every available flat surface!

The morning of the race sees people directing car parking from 6am with friendly smiles, folks in registration answering last minute questions, and people on transition making sure everyone's gear is racked in the right spaces and everyone has the right documentation.

During the triathlon race, there are swim starters, lap counters, the transition team, race marshals out on the run and cycle event courses, the first aid team, the timing team, the communications team and even race event commentators!

And after the race is finished, all these people come together to strip the event down and stow it away, leaving the venue looking like it did when we all arrived.

Triathlon events, duathlons, cyclosportives, all take a lot of preplanning and logistics - and they wouldn't be as great as they are if we didn't have such a great team doing everything and anything that is asked of them! As a thank you at most events race marshals receive an event t-shirt, food and drink and some expenses, but many volunteers do it just to take the opportunity to be part of the Just Racing family and to be involved in the many UK triathlon events we organise.

If this sounds like a challenge you'd be interested in being a part of and you feel you have skills that might be helpful then please drop us an email at