About us

Just Racing (UK) was formed in 2000 as a UK sports event management company, with a particular focus on triathlons. Our early philosophy was really simple - we would organise triathlons and other endurance events that we wanted to take part in ourselves. Whilst much has changed since the early days this basic principle hasn't, and our Sports Events Team continue to organise great cycling, running and triathlon events that we want to (and do) take part in. Throughout the last 16 years the team has continued to develop our portfolio of triathlon and running events; and it is equally gratifying to see the same individuals year after year, as it is to welcome new faces to the Just Racing experience and to the challenge of triathlon!

In 2016 we are proud to deliver a great range of events to suit every level, from new triathlon beginners looking for their first time triathlon experience, through to experienced competitors. This year's line-up includes: a multi-terrain series of running events and half marathon; pool based triathlon events; as well as cycle events including 100 km and 100 mile cyclosportives.

So whatever sporting challenge you're looking for, we're confident we can help you meet it.